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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Updated Index of Super Hero Squad Posts

And finally, an update to the Rumorbuster Blog's index. I'm going to switch out of the Google site soon though because I don't like the unusual formatting it inserts into things. In the meantime though, I present to you a summary of everything we've talked about so far...


- Where can I get a sneak peak at Super Hero Squad versions of Mystique, 616/Comic Abomination, Falcon and others? 1, 2, 3

- Who did the design work for the Iron Man toys? 1

Case For… (or, why they really should make…)

- Luke Cage (The Case For… # 1) 1

- Nova (The Case For… #2) 1

City in Crisis

- What is City in Crisis, and who is in it? Is that Green Goblin? Someone told me Kraven was in it, and someone else said Vulture? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Collector's Pack 1

- I've read that the $30 price tag was a mistake, what's the story there? 1

Collector's Pack 2

- Is it coming out? I heard that it was pulled because Hasbro thought characters in wheelchairs don't sell, and, well, this is the set with Professor X after all. Who else was in it, and isn’t this the Collector’s Pack that was announced like, Summer 2007? Now I’m hearing that it’s coming out in August, but nobody can point to anything official. Is it now a Wal-Mart exclusive? 1, 2, 3, 4


- How Comic Accurate is Sabretooth's costume? 1

- Are Version 1 Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman 616 designs or are they Ultimate? 1

- Is Ultimate Hulk really mega-pack worthy? 1, 2

- What Wolverine Costumes have we seen so far? 1

- Why do Customizers make Stealth Iron Man blue? 1

Hulk Wave 1

- Where can I find it? Who’s in it? Was Abomination included or was he pulled? 1, 2, 3

Hulk Wave 2

- She-Hulk, Thing, Wolverine, Black Bolt and the Absorbing Man? Where can I see pictures, when are they going to be/did they become available? 1, 2, 3

Hulk Wave 3

- Who’s in it? Is it official? Can it really include Zzzax, Leader and Doc Samson? 1

Hulk Gamma Lab

- What does it look like? 1

Hulk: Brawl That Shook The World

- Is the Hulk multi-pack out yet? How much? And is it really a Toys R Us exclusive? 1

Iron Man

- Is there an Iron Man 5-pack? 1

- It doesn’t seem like Iron Man got a lot of toy-love… what’s the story there? 1

- Who did the design work? 1

Iron Man Wave 2

- What figures? Are they just repaints? Are Desert Face Off and Crimson Dynamo Attacks the same? 1, 2, 3, 4

- When is it available for order? And when will it be available? 1

Kids Play

- Aren't Super Hero Squad toys for kids? Ages 3 and up, man... why don't you go with the uber-mature Marvel Legends? 1

- Ok, I agree that there are some more mature characters in Marvel’s line, but it’s still a good way to introduce kids to the characters, right? 1


- Is Kraven coming out? Maybe in the Collector's Pack? I heard he was in a Four Pack? 1, 2

- I read somewhere that low sales killed Kraven, and even though nobody has ever given that as a reason, and there’s no source for that rumor, is it true? What’s the history of Kraven rumors? 1

Marvel Legends

- Isn't that line dead? Aren't internet rumors always true? 1


- Do you know of a totally subjective, absolutely authoritative way to know which is better: Mini-Mates or Super Hero Squad? 1

- Is it true the line is over? 1

Movie Lines

- Since Iron Man, Hulk and Spider-Man all had movie lines, or at least a line to coincide with their movies, what other potential movie lines are coming out (and thus likely to get lines)? 1, 2

- Is it just me or did Hulk receive a bigger Super Hero Squad marketing push, especially with its Super Hero Squad toys? 1

New York City Comic Con 2008 (AKA NYCC 2008)

- Who’s got pictures? Who went, and what was shown? 1, 2, 3

Paint Applications

- Ugh. Am I the only one that notices some of these paint applications are really, really bad? 1

Prototypes/Unreleased Figures

- I thought I saw a different Venom sculpt? Isn't Storm's cape upside-down from the picture? 1

- I read somewhere that Venom was resculpted because he was too small to fit in with the line. Of course, I can't find any official word on this, but what's the story? 1


- I tried to buy some Hulk figures early, but I was told there’s a recall. Where can I get solid info on a potential recall, find out if a toy is recalled, and why did my attempted early purchase of Hulk figures trigger that message? 1

Size Changes

- Are Super Hero Squad figures going to be 3-inch from now on? 1


- Maybe I’m crazy, but there seems to be a lot of Spider-Man figures out there. What’s the deal? 1

- I notice in the press releases for the cartoon and video game, Spider-Man is absent. What’s the deal with that? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

- Was the movie line as successful as Marvel wanted? As Hasbro? I heard that low sales killed Kraven, and that poor distribution of some two-packs was caused by poor sales, is that true? 1

Super Hero Squad

- Are there checklists? 1, 2

- Where can I see what figures have been released so far, or at least a good chunk of them? 1

- Who does design work on the line? 1

Super Hero Squad: The Animated Series

- What’s this I hear about the Super Hero Squad cartoon? Since all the other upcoming Marvel animated series are apparently airing on Nicktoons, will this one too? 1, 2

- Who’s producing it and how many episodes? What the heck Is Super Hero City? What characters are going to be in it? Isn’t it weird that Spider-Man isn’t being mentioned in most of the press releases? 1, 2

- Will we see a promo at Brand Licensing Europe? 1

Super Hero Squad: The Merchandising

- A cartoon is great, but what merchandising is anticipated, and what is possible? Construction Toys? Costumes? Direct to Video feature? A book series? 1, 2

- MSN says there’s a comic book series in the fall, that Super Hero Squad strips are already in some Marvel comics, and that Spider-Man will be swinging around Super Hero City. Why doesn’t that sound accurate? 1

- Ooh, puzzles! Tell me more! 1

Super Hero Squad: The Video Game

- So THQ has the license for a video game. When can we expect something? And wait, once again Spidey’s not mentioned in most of the official releases? 1

- Wait, did MSN just say Iron Monger and Spider-Man are going to be in the game? 1

Super Hero Squad Wave 7 (note: I'm using the "4 packs to a wave" numbering, just for simplicity's sake)

- Evil Expressioned Cable? What? 1

- Spider-Woman, Cable, Deadpool oh my! Where can I find this wave? Is it out yet? 1

- What characters are going to be short-packed from this wave? 1

Super Hero Squad Wave 8

- What characters are going to be short-packed from this wave and when will it be/did it become available? Did Ghost Rider's Flamecycle really come with a kickstand? 1, 2, 3

Super Hero Squad Wave 10

- Blade, Red Skull, Electro and Sentry? Awesome. Where, when and what do they look like? 1, 2, 3

Super Hero Squad Wave 11

- In the leaked SKUs, who are Soldier/Agent? 1

Super Hero Squad Wave 13

- In the leaked SKUs, is that Avalanche, Tombstone, Rhino and Captain America? Who, or what, is “BLK”? 1, 2

Super Hero Squad Four Packs

- What's the source for the rumored Champions 4-pack? Is it official? Is it from leaked Wal-mart SKUs? I thought the name "Champions" was tied up legally? And what Four Packs have been leaked in Wal-Mart SKUs? 1

Super Hero Squad Four Packs Wave 4

- What are in the next wave of 4 packs (according to the leaked Wal-Mart SKUs)? Secret Wars? Alien Invasion? What might those mean? I read somewhere that Beyonder was in it, or that Alien Invasion is a Secret Invasion pack? 1, 2

Winter Soldier Saga

- Who’s in it, and where are the pictures? 1, 2


- How many X-Men 4-packs have been made/are known to be in the pipeline? 1

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