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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Super Hero Squad: The Video Game

First news of the cartoon, now the potential for video games. Apparently THQ has locked up the rights to Super Hero Squad, the video game. Read Variety's take on it.

The article discusses many things, including Marvel's Super Hero Squad in relation to the Nickelodeon, Pixar and Dreamworks licenses THQ has worked on, will work on, and may potentially lose.

From the article:
"Multiyear deal gives the publisher rights to make numerous 'Super Hero Squad' games either independently or tied to the property's incarnations in other media. First game is targeted for fall 2009.

'We're all about building big entertainment brands in the videogame space, and we think this Marvel deal is more of what we have done very well,' THQ CEO Brian Farrell said."

Since the message board posts I've read for Super Hero Squad, the Animated Series have been mostly negative, I wonder if internet fans will at least wait till we have more than a general pitch for the video games before damning SHS: The Video Game.

Of note: Once again, this article talks of Captain America, Wolverine and Iron Man as stars of the line. No mention of Spider-Man, who represents 25% of the toy line.

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