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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hollywood Reporter on Super Hero Squad, the Cartoon

Hollywood Reporter is the first to bring us actual news about the Super Hero Squad cartoon. (Go on, you can read the link... it's quick.)

Highlights? 26 episodes. No network yet. Film Roman (known for the Simpsons) handling the project.

"It will feature such well-known heroes as Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Thor, Fantastic Four and Captain America; all occupy a caricatured Super Hero City and are thrust into humorous adventures as they thwart the villainous plans of Doctor Doom, Magneto, Loki, the Abomination and others."

And also of note:

"Marvel also is developing a multimedia and merchandising campaign for the show, with Hasbro handling the toy line. Marvel Comics is introducing a "Squad" book series in the fall, and a direct-to-video animated feature is in development for 2010."

What kind of book? A direct to video feature coming one year after the TV series? Gah! So many questions, so little information. It's interesting to me at least that the rights to animated Iron Man, Hulk, and Wolverine aren't locked up by the producers of their individual cartoons. It's also interesting that Spider-Man wasn't mentioned despite being the star of the toy line.

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