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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Corrections, both internal and external

In yesterday's post about Marvel's upcoming movies, I goofed in my way too quick translation of Comicbox's article and as they pointed out to me, their article does NOT say a third Hulk is coming. They are pointing out that a third Hulk is absent from Marvel's plans. So I added the correction to the page so future readers will be corrected.

It also gives me a chance to point out that Idle in Transaction is DEFINITELY saying that Super Hero Squad cartoon is coming to Nicktoons along with Marvel's other properties, and that definitely has not been verified by any report I've heard (and from the looks of things, Marvel's press release is certainly making the rounds online.) They also suggest that Hulk Gamma Corps is going the Nicktoons way as well, but once again, they're the only people to be suggesting that. Would it make sense for Marvel to have 4 of its 5 animated properties on one network? I suppose so, but lets wait till we have some more official information.

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