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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Super Hero Squad Wave 7 and 8 case revisions

Case revisions, where the number of one figure or another is changed from earlier cases, can sometimes help ease a drought of one particular figure and give collectors relief from eBay prices. And sometimes, they can short-pack particular figures making a particular figure rarer as the line goes on. Entertainment Earth (who sell figures both in sets and in cases) has the following case revision information:

Wave 6/7 (they're using th 6 designation, but it's the wave with Spider-Woman and Deadpool)(out now):
3x Hulk and Spider-Woman
3x Punisher and Deadpool
3x Captain America and Cable
3x Black Spider-Man and Doc Ock

Wave 6/7 Revision 1(June):
4x Hulk & Spider-Woman
2x Punisher & Deadpool
2x Captain America & Cable
4x Black Spider-Man & Doc Ock

Wave 8 (Psylocke, Comic Venom, Ghost Rider and Cycle)(May):
3x Daredevil and Spider-Man
3x Wolverine and Psylocke
3x Spider-Man and Venom
3x Ghost Rider and Motorcycle

Wave 8 Revision 1 (June):
4x Daredevil and Spider-Man
2x Wolverine and Psylocke
4x Spider-Man and Venom
2x Ghost Rider and Motorcycle

So characters like Cable, Deadpool and Psylocke are going to be a little bit harder to find once the revisions start shipping. Those dates, by the way, are from Entertainment Earth. Since Spider-Man/Daredevil and Spider-Man/Venom are going to be shipped with twice as many units as Wolverine/Psylocke and Ghost Rider/Hellcycle, apparently Hasbro is really banking on resculpts of pre-released characters being twice as sellable as the brand new Psylocke and the oft-demanded Ghost Rider on Bike.

Will their theory play out? Are Spideys really that much more popular than characters like Wolverine? We'll soon see.

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