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Monday, May 5, 2008

Marvel Movies: Future Squads?

As we all know, Marvel's last three movies have been met with a great Super Hero Squad presence... Spider-Man eeked out many waves, Hulk is already shipping Wave 2, with Wave 3 highly anticipated, and Iron Man has already shipped 2 4-packs with another 2 listed as coming soon on Hasbro's site.

It's with that preface that I present to you the following links: is presenting a rundown of Marvel's movie projects.


Iron Man 2 - Marvel - Scheduled for April 30, 2010 release
Thor - Marvel - Scheduled for June 4, 2010 release
The First Avenger: Captain America (working title) - Marvel - Scheduled for May 6, 2011 release
The Avengers - Marvel - Scheduled for July 2011 release
Ant-Man - Marvel - Writer/director engaged

So while Thor and Captain America could produce some great Squad assortments, let's hope Iron Man 2 gets a better assortment.

Also of note from that report: "In keeping with the Company’s increasing focus on entertainment and licensing opportunities, Marvel also announced it has substantially completed its exit from direct toy operations..." (which isn't news, as the transition to Hasbro is hotly debated by fans, particularly of the Marvel Legends figures. But it's still a little sad to hear they're done. Done done.)

And from (warning, link is in French), we have the same news from above, but with mention of an anticipated "Hulk III" which is news to everyone, especially the naming since Marvel's early press on The Incredible Hulk has been relatively sparse on references to the past. It's not a sequel per se, in the same way Punisher: War Zone isn't a sequel to The Punisher (either the 80's or 2000's versions.) Long story short, only Comicbox is talking about Hulk 3, or calling it Hulk 3, so don't get too excited until we see how it performs. Not every Marvel film is entitled to sequels. If it was in Marvel's pipeline, you'd probably see it in one of Marvel's press releases.

Of note from Comicbox is their reference to the enigmatic Super Hero Squad cartoon. Of course, they just say they don't know anything about what may be an animated appearance by our favorite toy line, which isn't particularly helpful. While we know "Planet Hulk" and "Hulk Vs" are direct to DVD, that "Iron Man" and "Wolverine and The X-Men" are coming to TV (joining "the Spectacular Spider-Man", who's already here) it's amazing that we still haven't heard anything at all about the animated Squad.

Edit: My mistake, and thanks to Comicbox for pointing it out, is that their article does NOT say a third Hulk is coming. They are pointing out that a third Hulk is absent from Marvel's plans. It's my fault for the entirely half-cocked translation, I should have read their article closer. The way I read it, and apparently my translation was incorrect, was that Hulk 3 was anticipated. I have just done a quick Google translation of the paragraph, which probably misses the subtleties, and came up with "We note in passing that if Marvel outset given the green light for a sequel Iron Man, a "Hulk III" is expected in the next three years…", and the other online translators gave it an equally kitbashed result. It looks like the best result was Reverso's "We note in the passage that if Marvel gave the green light at once for an aftereffect of Iron Man, no "Hulk III" is foreseen(planned) in coming three years"

However, Idle in Transaction is DEFINITELY saying that Super Hero Squad is coming to Nicktoons along with Marvel's other properties, and that definitely has not been verified by any report I've heard (and from the looks of things, Marvel's press release is certainly making the rounds online.)

Once again, sorry Comicbox!

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