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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spider-Man is disproportionately represented.

Not really a myth, just something I want to get off my chest... no matter why you rationalize it Spider-Man is disproportionately represented in Super Hero Squad. With the current information regarding upcoming waves, Spider-Man continues to be 25% of the figures produced, not counting the movie-related lines.

The abundance of Spider-Men is one of the main complaints amongst collectors and we all acknowledge that it's because Spider-Man is popular. Movies, cartoons, toy lines, merchandising. Nobody is saying Spidey should go away (although, it's worth noting that the first 4 waves of Super Hero Squad were all Spider-Man free, and then the movie line came out.

But knowing that Spider-Man is now and will forever be a big seller doesn't change the fact that he's disproportionately represented. There are 3 times as many Spider-Men as his nearest competitors (Iron Man and Hulk) and that's because the recent movie lines result in a nice surplus of those two. There are 5 times as many Spider-Men as there are characters like Wolverine, Captain Ameirca, Ghost Rider, Punisher, any member of the Fantastic Four. WOLVERINE! Wolverine the star of 3 separate titles (Wolverine, Wolverine Origins and Wolverine First Class), leader of X-Force, co-star of New Avengers, Astonishing X-Men and Uncanny X-Men, star of 3 X-Men movies, major player in the animated X-Men, X-Men Evolution and the upcoming Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon.

One can argue that Spider-Man is more popular than Wolverine, but 5 times as popular? Are sales of 2-packs featuring Spider-Man that much higher than sales of 2-packs featuring Wolverine?

Marvel has many popular characters, and while Spider-Man may be the most popular, that doesn't mean other iconic characters like Wolverine "hurt" sales, or that making 1 Spider-Man 2-pack per wave would result in some catastrophic loss.

Sorry that this post is a bit of a soapbox (which you've come to expect from me) but for the life of me I wish people would stop subscribing to the concept that the line would be in some form of great and terrible danger if Spider-Man were not in (literally) every other 2-pack.

Oh, and by the way, look at eBay, online retailers any retail location that managed to get past Wave 1's Angel and Colossus 2-pack. What packs are the rarest, hardest to find and most demanded, first to sell out on Hasbro's online toy shop even. Beast/Iceman, Rogue/Gambit, Phoenix/Wolverine, Black Panther/Storm, Antman/Doctor Strange (baffling, but true), Human Torch/Silver Surfer. Beast/Iceman gets to the top of most Most Wanted lists because of the rarity and distribution problems, but for all the others... it's a solid combination of wanted character, good sculpt and general demand.

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