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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Super Hero Squad photos from NYCC

I know I ragged on Cool Toy Review for jumping on the Guess-the-SKU bandwagon with the Wolverine/Hand Ninja (back when all we had for news on the set was "The H"), but they're not bad folks. In fact, they've even got more photos of the Super Hero Squad figures shown at this year's NYCC.

Obviously the big news was our first look at Mary Jane and the City in Crisis set, and the big rumor was the dubious Wheelchair theory discussed in other posts, but the eagle-eyed observers will notice subtler things, namely all those re-paints.

First off, you'll notice that there were 8 Iron Man related figures grouped together here so it's a good sign we'll be getting Iron Man wave. No word yet on whether it will be another wave of 4-packs (as the first Iron Men were, and as repaint sets usually go), or whether it'll be 2-packs like the Hulk figures, but we'll see soon enough. I still can't tell if Crimson Dynamo is a different paint job but my computer screen may just be off. Same goes for Iron-Spider-Man, but even if he's a straight re-release fans of Avengers: The Initiative will know why they need 2 suit Scarlet Spiders (and why 3 suits is currently too many.)

In prior posts we mentioned how Ares and Thor look less metallic than the current photos, but looking at Spidey's squirting a black web which is a relief to variant hunters who purchased the Target white-web shooting Spider-Man shown in earlier promo shots. Shield-slinging Cap looks a lot darker than the other Captain Americas we see, and Red Skull's Cosmic Cube is gray, not the clear plastic we've seen on Hasbro Toy Shop.

As we discussed in the Prototypes post what you see isn't always what you get. Will these turn out to be surprise paint-change variants like the Silver Iron Man/Gray Iron Man Hall of Armor 4-packs, or is it just a matter of prototypes not matching end results?

We'll find out soon since most of these figures are scheduled for release on Hasbro Toy Shop within the next month and a half.

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