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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Kraven never came out/Prototypes/Collector's Pack 2

I'm very behind with other projects so I haven't had a chance to post a few of the other rumors I'd intended to bust, so I figured I'd cherry pick an easy one, and roll it into 2 others.

Kraven never came out.

Most SHS fans know that. They've read the posts, they've scoured eBay. They know. But it's the newcomers that seem to be surprised.

As a piece of advice, if a figure is released, or even close to release, it'll show up on eBay thanks to people willing to steal them off the assembly lines in overseas factories. That's why people willing to pay $30 to $50 to get Fin Fang Foom a couple months early were able to score deals on eBay. For the rest of us who had no interest in a 400% mark-up, we picked it up at Walmart for $10. Plus tax. Go figure. But THAT should have been the first sign that Kraven never came out.

The second sign is that the review sights never posted him, at least not a "real" picture. The only pics that exist are promotional shots. That means there's a prototype. Just like there's a prototype Storm with upside down cape, and a prototype Venom sculpt shown in the early promotional material for Puma (and was at the last minute replaced with a Venom repaint.) But, just because we've seen those prototypes does NOT mean those sculpts were released.

This didn't stop the speculation. People have insisted that Kraven was released but only in certain areas, that he was delayed by put in refreshers. Some people also suggested he was coming out in May refresher cases for Spider-Man. The problem? The Spider-Man line folded into the main line immediately after Christmas, resulting in the now rare 2-packs featuring Vulture and the Sandman/Venom resculpts.

Now, the current rumor is that he's going into the Collector's Pack 2, which was shown last summer and has not been mentioned officially in months and months. The problem with that, is that there's still no confirmation, not even semi-official confirmation that we'll get a CP2. The contents of CP2 were leaked with CP1, and was erroneously included on listings at sites like for CP1, but CP2 is still a myth. Kitty Pryde, Professor X and Chrome Silver Surfer are still, at least as of now, prototypes that might some day come out. Considering that both Kraven and Collector's Pack 2 are the Super Hero Squad equivalent of vaporware, that means those rumors are just that, rumors. Here's the best part: those rumors are absolutely unfounded. Nobody can site to any authority anywhere even suggesting that Kraven is going to be folded in to the Collector's Pack. Not even a random message board. Nothing. Now, there's also absolutely no authority anywhere suggesting when CP2 is coming, but that doesn't stop some people from randomly assigning months to it (and then re-dating it as soon as that month comes and goes) but once again, there's no authority for any suggested release date. Not even totally unreliable authority, just no authority period.

So there you go: Kraven never came out, the pictures are promo pictures, Collector's Pack 2 is not on any schedule, people who say Kraven is getting folded into it are just going off other people who heard similar rumors.

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