Super Hero Squad Rumorbuster

Friday, March 28, 2008


Some people, probably not many, have run afoul of my rumorbusting on the Superhero Squad Forum or at Marvelousnews and so you're probably wondering what I'm doing here. If you're familiar with my posts, you can probably guess at what most of these blog posts will end up like. Probably longer than they should be, full of over-analysis, and more than a little skeptical of totally unsourced anonymous BS.

Inevitably, when I post on a message board encouraging people to not take rumors as truth, or at the very least not to pass it along as a fact, there ends up being a mild disagreement between me and whoever else (although recently I did get my own personal hater... makes me feel like a celebrity) and so I figured rather than spending time countering mis-information, getting into a fight, having the attack turn personal and eventually ending with some moderator or whoever stepping in to sweep everything under the rug, I'd just post my rumor busting on my own corner. People who don't care, don't have to read and its a lot easier to ignore than a huge 3 page long battle right in the middle of a different thread.

Hopefully I'll find time this weekend to re-bust a few rumors that are still lingering.


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