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Friday, March 28, 2008

The 3-inch Switch/The Iron Man 5-Pack

This two-fer has it's basis in a poorly fact-checked listing at Forbidden Planet

See, this site, which has a few other erroneous listings I might go into later on, posted a wonderfully wrong ad for an Iron Man Movie 5-Pack, based on the booming line of new "3-inch" toys. When it was revealed that the Iron Man movie SHS were going to be 2 4-packs, not 4 2-packs as earlier thought, the 5-pack rumor was forgotten, the wise rumor-list keepers started pretending they never said there'd be a 5-pack and all is forgotten.

As for the switch to 3-inch figures, a few diligent rumor-busters pointed out that it was probably just a typo and everyone who believed in the switch quieted themselves and disappeared. And all is well with the world.

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