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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sabretooth's costume

Ok, so there was a bit of a fuss on the SHS forum because someone asked if Sabretooth's costume was comic accurate. My Super Hero Squad stalker (he just follows me from thread to thread, word counting my posts, posting ad hominem attacks, using too much internet short-speak, posting smiley faces and then insisting that he's not not provoking me or that he's not trying to insult me... it's bizarre.)

So, because he thought my post was too long and didn't answer the question, I will post it here, in its entirety:

"The costume isn't something he wore, it's a kitbash of the Sabretooth costume from and the Fang/Wolverine as Fang/Early X-23 costume and the Sabretooth costume that he wore circa Wolverine 48-49 (which was when the fur stopped coming to a point on his chest and became more of a collar. He dumped that look before X-Men 6-8 where he was wearing the slimmer, less furry costume with the pointy gloves."

There you go. He didn't get the difference, so I had to further explain why he was wrong.

"The correct answer is: he never wore that costume, he wore two different costumes that were kind of like that (with changes... the stripe down the belly was black/dark brown, not that light, the one with the fur all around it had a brown briefs look and not the unitard look) if you combined them together, and then they threw on the teeth from Fang's costume."

And then I also followed up with some trivia about the Fang/Sabretooth costume:

"And just to add an interesting factoid (or I thought it was interesting) to Sabretooth and Fang having a look so close to each other: Sabretooth first appeared 2 months before Fang (August and October 77 respectively), both in Chris Claremont stories, with Bryne getting credit for Sabretooth's look, Cockrum for Fang."

Hope many of you saw the differences, or understood the first post (saying "nope, not the same costume") and didn't need the extra assistance. If you did, well, that's good too.

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