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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fresh off the rumor truck: The new Collector's Pack

The freshest rumor I've come across yet: That Collector's Pack 2 will be released this August as a Walmart Exclusive.

Key parts of the rumor:
1) That it was pulled because Hasbro thought kids didn't want characters in wheelchairs (which is non-sensical because if that was the case, Hasbro would have replaced Xavier with any other character they could think of, including another repaint which would lower the cost of the unit even further. Besides that, of course, we have the fact that Professor X is a long-time mainstay of toy lines featuring the X-Men, from back in the days of 5-inch Toy Biz, X-Men movie figures, The Marvel Legends Galactus series, so why marketing or whoever would think that one figure out of the 8 in the pack would negatively effect sales to the point it offsets the market for collectors who want new characters for their sets...)

2) That demand for Xavier brought the set back from the dead (which doesn't carry on with the anecdotal experience of message board travelling where people are either calling for Chrome Silver Surfer, Iceman in Booties, or debating Shadowcat's sculpt)

3) That Professor X will come with Cerebro, which means either the sculpt is going to be re-done or we're going to have the first ever non-attached figure accessory (what toy-manufacturers like to call a choking hazard in a line that's safe for 3 and up)

4) That it's a Walmart exclusive.

The problem:

The rumor has no source.

The main source, the one that's posting from place to place, is using a guy from Sirstevesguide by a guy who'd posted 12 times in 3 years who says he heard it from a representative at NYCC (who then kept the information from everyone else). Telephone game anyone?

Does that mean it's guaranteed wrong? Or that there isn't a legitimate source for this information? No. It could happen, and heck, it could happen exactly how this rumor says, but in the meantime we're looking at a fairly unsourced rumor, with questionable authority, based on a dubious premise of action figure discrimination and unusual marketing theory.

Generally with these types of "reports" the toy forums will start the normal circular self-referential stuff that normally goes on (which I already explained once before with the example of A posting one place, B reading the post and reposting, C reading that post and posting elsewhere, with A reading that post and determining that his original post is now verified) and soon enough it will be considered true but at least people reading this will think twice. The irritating part? It's already being posted in the typical forums as truth.

We'll see in August or maybe earlier how much, if any, of Mr. Slayer's rumor turns out to be true but I'm going to treat this rumor the same way I've treated every single "release date" that's been promised so far. You know, the guys who heard it from this guy they met that the pack would come out in May. Then June. October. November. January. No no, February, for real this time. March.

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