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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hulk Wave 1

As some of you know, there's a lot of talk about what's going on with the Hulk Wave 1 figures.

When it was first shown, as a low-res scan of 8 figures, a lot of sites began passing around

Hulk & Abomination
Planet Hulk & Silver Savage
World War Hulk & Iron Man
Hulk & TBA

as the list (which as of 4/17/08 is still how it's presented on Cool Toy Review. Then when Toyfair came and went, and we saw the hi-res promo pictures of everyone but Abomination, a few of us collectors started wondering why Abomination wasn't shown. Then last month we saw the carded two-packs which showed everyone from Toyfair, but without the Abomination.

But Cmdstore still listed 4 2-packs, even though they didn't have photos of Abomination. Roughly around this time, Entertainment Earth listed Hulk wave 1 as having 3 2-packs... but no Abomination. Hasbro only offered those 3 for pre-order.

Now, to further complicate matters, Big Bad Toy Store is showing those same 3 2-packs, and one undisclosed 2-pack.

What's even worse: Ebay is being flooded with Abomination and Hulk 2-packs from California.

So long story short, looks like Hulk and Abomination ARE being released, and it looks like they're out now, assuming you live in California, and that there is a full 4 2-packs out.

For the variant hunters, don't worry, this Hulk has blue pants, unlike his multi-pack version. We'll have to wait until we get bigger and better pictures of the Abomination before we can see if he's a variant or not.

Damn that's a lot of links.

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