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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We don't have a 616 Mr. Fantastic?

A while ago I stumbled onto someone making a list of Marvel teams and who we had figures of and I was struck by his theory that we don't have a Fantastic Four set.

Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman were really Ultimate versions, at least according to him.

Now, this theory comes from the fact that their costumes have a blue ring around the neck, going around the 4. The Ultimate Fantastic Four have that type of a ring, as seen here and the current F4 costumes don't.

Of course, keen eyes, or at least people that collected comics back when Heroes Return was a great, fresh idea, remember that they used to

It's still not 100% accurate. The Heroes Return uniforms had the ring passing behind the 4 logo, instead of totally encompassing it like the Ultimate version, but overall, there's more 616 than Ultimate.

In favoring the Ultimate theory, you have the ring going just a tiny bit lower than the Heroes Return version of the uniform.

In favoring the 616 theory, you have the fact that the costume necks are closer to 616, most versions of the Ultimate costumes have 3 blues (a light, medium and dark) while these figures only have 2, the fact that Reed has his signature gray hair (albeit, with a very bad paintjob making it look like polka dots), the fact that most versions of the Ultimate F4 costumes have piping and different colored panels going down the sides of the uniforms and the little squares running down the legs.

So given that, I think the weight favor the costumes being slightly imperfect 616 costumes, rather than almost totally not close to being Ultimate costumes.

Then again, this same guy tried to tell me Loki was leader of the Masters of Evil (because he did, in a video game), that Rhino's involvement in one story of Secret Defenders merited the inclusion of the ludicrous "Questing Heroes" team (the invention of fanboys on Wikipedia) but not the Sinister Syndicate which featured in two Spider-Man mini-series and a few appearances in the main titles, that Champions wasn't big enough to get included (but "Questing Heroes" was?) and that Captain America was a Defender. His source? Wikipedia of course.

I am only bringing Mr. Fantastic up because as the picture of a re-done Mr. Fantastic and Galactus has started making the rounds, more and more people are screaming "Yay! Finally a 616 Mr. Fantastic! Yay!" All because some guy somewhere thought a slightly lower circle made the costume "Ultimate" and not "616."

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