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Monday, April 7, 2008

Is Ultimate Hulk really that big?

Now that some of us have seen the previews of the upcoming new mega-packs (Ultimate Hulk/Wolverine, Galactus/Mr. Fantastic) that comes on the back of the Avengers Assemble 4-pack, the question goes out: Is Ultimate Hulk really that big?

No. Well, some people think so, but no, not conventionally. Get ready for some ultimate nerdiness... This post will be the longest, most definitive and useless post on the subject of how Ultimate Hulk is not Mega Ultimate Hulk sized you will ever skip over.

You see, there's a book called Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine, known for its lateness, its bizarre art, and its total lack of any real redeeming quality. Ok, that last part is too much. It has some value to someone I'm sure, but the big draw to th series is a famous spread of Hulk ripping Wolverine in half, so that a bisected Wolverine must claw his way across the mountain tops.

Now, some people correctly guessed that the two-pack would feature an Ultimate Hulk based on that concept, with hippy beads and all and that's great, but for the rest of us, no, Hulk is not that big.

What follows are excerpts from the post I made at the height of the "What size is he?" controversy:

"Ultimate Hulk v. Wolverine story itself (or at least the 2 issues of the 4 when they came out in 2005 or 2006, but if you dig it out you'll see that Yu has serious issues with consistency in his artwork. Given the weird perspective and the hugeness of one of Hulk's hands in that pic, he looks large. Now, later in that book you'll see a shot of Hulk surrounded by half-naked women, and he's about twice their size, making him about 10 foot which is what most of the guides seem to indicate. Flip a little later and you'll see a shot of him with his head roughly the size of one of his concubines. But then one of the covers has his head easily twice as big as Wolverines. In the second issue one of the half-naked women has a butt that's as large as Hulk's head, but her head is the size of his ear. Sometimes he's a big as 1.5 cows."

"Here's an unofficial report putting him at 8, but they took that from the 2008 Ultimate OHOTMU"

"Other Ultimate Hulk sizes - roughly 3 feet taller than Ultimate Iron Man, so we're talking like 4 inches or so SHS size"

" - his head is 3 foot (using Wolverine's torso as a measuring stick), but we've already shown that elsewhere in that issue his head is also equal to a woman's butt."

"Here's one of the concubine scenes from Ultimate Hulk vs Wolverine, but not the one with the hugely disproportionate butt"

" where his legs are about as thick as Wolverine's, and with some perspective he's bigger than Thor and Spidey, but not that much bigger than Thing."

"Or if you flip through Ultimates Saga you can see that UH is either 3 or 4 feet taller than a 16 year old Spider-Man, roughly 8 foot tall considering the size of the glass panes he's crawling up, a few feet taller than Thor or Iron Man. Oh, and he might be as big as Giant Man's mouth, so if Giant Man gets up to 60 feet, and Hulk is even 10 feet, that means that perspective wise a person's mouth should be able to stretch to something like 15% of their total height... or about a foot for the average person without their being too much distortion. Ultimates v.2, issue 13 has him a few feet taller than Scarlet Witch and Captain America. In Ultimate Power, he's got a few inches on Ultimate Thing, a little taller than Power Princess. His head is a few inches bigger all around than Wolverines, except when it's not."

"All that just goes to show you that, most times he's basically 1 SHS inch above the other heroes and yeah, in two of the six issues of a mini-series started in 2005 and all but abandoned he's shown to be somewhere between 3 large female butts in size and 2 full Wolverines."

Now, when the response was "don't go by covers, covers never get him right. Look at this cover to see how big he really is..." I chuckled to myself and left the conversation alone. Silly me, using interiors from Ultimates, Ultimate Power, information from OHOTMU, all the perspective troubles of the Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine mini-series itself to prove my point... I should have known that covers are both horribly inaccurate and yet the only proof of his "true" height.

Now, the discussion regarding Wendigo, the next proposed mega-pack basically went the same way, but with less discussion because apparently nobody cares enough about Wendigo to defend him.

In sum: Ultimate Hulk is 18 feet tall... in a poorly drawn imaginary story that's never been completed and on a couple covers. Everywhere else, he's about 9 to 10 foot tall.

there you go, another rumor busted.

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