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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Minimates v. Super Hero Squad

Why can't we all just get along?

I can't be the only person sick of comparing Super Hero Squad and Minimates. It's a lot like debating who will win in a fight between a roll of dimes and a bagel crafted from smoke by God.

Anyway, that blog entry compares some arbitrary categories (isn't pose ability an aspect of design? Articulation but a part of detail?) and then compares a list of who has a Minimate and who has a Superhero Squad.

The list is riddled with mistakes (Both Super Hero Squad and Minimates having a movie Abomination and a non-movie? Close, but there's no SHS comic Abomination. And "modern" Namor is the one with his 70's black vest?) and general WTF moments ("movie" Lizard and Kraven? Kraven never even came out, let alone a "movie" Kraven, and for that matter, Professor X SHS never came out either) and some questionable math (286 total "characters", with repainted Super Hero Squad Logan counting as two characters because of the repaint, but the 20 SHS Spider-Men lumped essentially into movie or non-movie. And of those 286, 137 are Minimate exclusive, leaving 149 "characters" that are either SHS exclusive or SHS/Minimates, including characters that weren't made or even planned but excluding different sculpts for not being different enough.)

End result on that blog: Minimates win because they have more characters... apparently there are 20 different "character" Spider-Men Minimates but only 7 different "character" SHS.

Long story short: Come on, just enjoy them both, don't try to apply arbitrary factors and sorting techniques to come to the conclusion you (re: Minimate Headquarters) want.

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