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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mary Jane

Ok, now I believe in MJ... has a few photos, including a very menacing Green Goblin hovering over Mary Jane. Pics are viewable here. Any day now expect the people who could recognize Kraven from the sliver of his forehead, the ones posting "Kraven is coming in the new four-pack", to start realizing that a plume of orange could just as easily have been Mary Jane Watson Parker's bright red hair. Of course, having not seen the final 4-pack yet, it could be someone else but right now is when everyone posts everywhere about how they called X Fact, and how everyone else was wrong so I might as well jump on board.

Note: This is being published on 4/21/08. I had this saved as a draft a couple days ago and then forgot it. Now that the City in Crisis reveal has come and gone I probably should just shelve it, but oh well. I once posted on a forum saying "huh... I didn't think Wolverine/H was going to be Wolverine/Hulk, and it turned out to be Hand Ninja."

In response, a guy started posting a nonsensical tirade straight out of a 1980's Dan Rather beat-down... screaming nonsense and asking me what I won. Today, with the Crisis reveal, he bravely posted "guess I was right" (yup, 4 guesses later, and after everyone else guessed who was in Crisis LOL.) I shouldn't take delight in this, but since he spent the better part of his afternoon calling me stupid, misusing the term irony and just in general being a jerk to me... yeah. I take a little delight.

Long story short: nobody wins anything on the Internet but damned if it's not fun playing the game. For my next rumor: when the color black was invented.

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