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Monday, April 21, 2008

Addition to the Collector's Pack Post

You can tell I was pre-occupied last night when I posted about the Collector's Pack.

I forgot to mention that marketing decisions and character selection are done before sculpting, drafting of solicitation material, release of that solicitation materials to the public, and demonstrations of promo-shots. Hasbro has been known to announce less-than-desired figures before, but they always follow through with the figure.

In character selection, marketing and manufacturing typically look at what figures will sell, what figures are requested, (and during the Jesse Falcon Toybiz Marvel Legends era) what figures complete sets.

Deciding, ex post facto, that the wheelchair was going to undersell the line, is not just bizarre marketing strategy, wasteful and counter-intuitive but... well... this is a family blog so we'll watch our language.

The original poster has followed up with information that he didn't hear the information, but that it came from a friend who heard it from a rep (telephone game! I love it!)

The gentleman who's spreading it is using anecdotal evidence that Professor X has been a peg-warmer before, but... well... one man's experience is not necessarily determinative of the rest.

Points other people have made on the thread: well... my word count stalker posted to roll his eyes and say "here we go again", and a Mr. Woodsmok pointed out that 4 months isn't much headtime for Hasbro to get production amped up, packaged, sent out to the multi-national corporation that is Walmart (and who typically pre-orders way in advance), etc., etc.

But like I said, maybe it'll turn out to be true. Maybe not.

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