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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Psylocke Wave is on the streets...

A user on the Super Hero Squad Forums reported finding the Psylocke wave (Wave 8 according to Wikipedia, 7 to collectors who counted the double-ship of waves in November as one wave) in Target, Foster City, CA (CA seems to be where new waves hit first, note to people looking to move to buy toys), and some eBay auctions are showing Psylocke auctions from San Jose and Redondo Beach.

I've decided not to link to eBay auctions because I really don't agree with scalpers, and while it's possible that one particular eBay seller happened to accidentally buy 3 extra copies of the soon-to-be-short-packed (if Entertainment Earth's case revisions are accurate) Wolverine/Psylocke the week she's released and decided to put some on eBay, I just don't want to drive prices up for individual scalpers up.

Meanwhile, Hasbro's official store is reporting that those of us able to pre-order Psylocke have an expected ship date of May 26, 2008 (which is about right since Hasbro's ship date tends to be a few weeks after the street date) and Hulk Wave 2 is supposed to start shipping May 12.

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