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Monday, May 26, 2008

Hulk: "The Brawl That Shook the World"

We apparently have a name for the Hulk Super Hero Squad movie set... "The Brawl That Shook the World."

First seen at Marvelous News there's been all kinds of discussion... who's in it, is it a replacement for the Hulk/Abomination 2-pack (that briefly disappeared from pre-order sites and was not seen carded in pictures until it was basically released), should you call it a 4-pack when it's 4 figures and a vehicle, are they all repaints or repacks?

Anyway, it's started showing up in Toys R Us's, with a sticker saying "Only at Toys R Us", and can be purchased at an insane premium on eBay ($25.00 in the stores, $45-$60 on eBay?) As I've already said, I'm trying not to link to scalpers on Ebay, but go and search if you're interested. Keep in mind that the first Toys R Us exclusives, the X-Men and Avengers re-paint sets, ended up on clearance for $3 if that seems too much for you. It will hopefully make you think twice before plunking down $60 for it.

Once I've run to town for mine I'll be able to answer my burning question: Are the Hulkbuster Soldiers different in any way than the one we already have?

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