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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

(Not the) End of Marvel Minimates

I've never really been a big fan of Minimates, the blocky look, the lack of early character selection, the fact that Ultimate X-Men were represented before regular X-Men, the fact that I just wasn't collecting collectibles when they started... a whole lot of reasons. But they've grown on me, and every so often a set comes out that I can't pass up.

Since Super Hero Squad came around, the whole SHS vs. Minimates argument has gone round in circles with no real winner. Articulation! Style! Characters! But recently I read this post at Minimate Headquarters which details some of the rumors regarding the death of the Marvel Minimates. These rumors of toy lines ending aren't anything new, as the talk surrounding Marvel Legends demonstrates.

The post went on about competition, licensing issues, lack of news and of course, the rumors.

Apparently, the sense of dread was unfounded as new lines of Minimates don't seem to be slowing down. Notice the Invaders set, a San Diego Comic Con exclusive, the Hulk Movie wave mentioned here, Iron Man Through the Ages, which is another SDCC exclusive, and the Avengers Assemble set seen here

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