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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Iron Man Battle Packs Wave 2 correction?

Entertainment Earth and Cmdstore are both listing the next wave of Iron Man packs as including the Genius of Tony Stark 4-pack and something called "Desert Face Off" while Hasbro is calling it "Crimson Dynamo Attacks" so that may be a new pack, but, let's remember the solicitation text still available on

"The nuclear-powered Super Villain known as the CRIMSON DYNAMO attacks one of Stark International's secluded desert storage facilities, intent on stealing what technology he can sell, and destroying the rest. Luckily, IRON MAN is there, testing his new desert combat armor. Using his remote systems, he takes control of two other powerful armor systems and turns the tables on his attacker!"

I've added bolding and italics to the references to the desert. No official word yet, but Desert Face Off could very well just be a renamed version of Crimson Dynamo Attacks, so hopefully we can hold off on telling the world that there's been a new 4-pack announced.

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