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Monday, May 19, 2008

Hulk Wave 2 Delayed

This isn't new news (to those of us that ordered the packs when we saw them) but I keep forgetting to put it up here.

When Hulk Wave 2 Super Hero Squad figures were put up for order on Hasbro's website, as mentioned a while back I was surprised at how quickly the ability to order came, noting how there was no pre-order/coming soon period.

Well, not too long afterwards, the fine folks at Hasbro Toy Shop sent an e-mail explaining that the product was now back-ordered. The current ship-time for Hulk Wave 2 (the She-Hulk, Wolverine, Thing, Black Bolt and Absorbing Man wave) is June 12, 2008, which is conveniently enough the same ship-date as Wave 8 (with Psylocke.) Unless one of these dates gets pushed back, it looks like many of us will have lots of boxes waiting in the mail box mid-June.

Meanwhile, Hulk Wave 2 is still available for purchase on Hasbro Toy Shop, and the somewhat elusive Cable and Deadpool packs are also back in stock.

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