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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Spider-Man Wave 1 on sale at Toys R Us, Hasbro Coupons, Collector Pack 1's price

TRU Sale

Toys "R" Us (aka TRU) is also having a sale on Wave 1 of Spider-Man Super Hero Squad shown here.

Iron Man Wave 2 Up for Order

And for those that prefer Hasbro Toy Shop The Genius of Tony Stark and Crimson Dynamo Attacks are up for sale. Unfortunately, they don't start shipping until August 28, 2008.

Hasbro Coupon Code

And after trying the SPRREQ8 coupon code, I can verify that it worked (at least for me) so happy shopping (for those that live where Hasbro Toy Shop ships... sorry friends in other countries.)

Collector's Pack Price Rumor, Finally Busted.

Rumor: The Collector's Pack was originally intended for sale at less than $30.00
Status: Soon to be busted.

This is just as something that's been on my chest for a while... the Collector's Pack's $30 initial price tag isn't a price goof-up, a mistake, an error, whatever. Toys R Us, in the stores at least, still have the set marked at $30 USD. Walmart, when they had them, priced themat $23 before their last mark-down, Marvelous News concurs with the $30.00 MSRP.

Yes, now Hasbro has marked regularly at $20, and currently on sale, but that does not mean that stores charging $30 were "mistaken". Sorry, that's just one of those persistent rumors that hasn't really bothered me enough to get a post, but one person keeps repeating it and it grates a little.

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price isn't stone though, it's "suggested", and it's why you see Amazon listing movies at $30, "marked down to $20!" for a 30% discount. But, the fact remains, stores were told the MSRP was $30, and some stores still try to sell it at that much.

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