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Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Case For... Nova

In the second "The Case For..." segment, we're talking Nova.

His cred: He's a bona fide 70's star for Marvel, and as Secret Invasion (and Brian Michael Bendis) have shown old is the new new. Just like "is the new ____" is the new over-used cliche.

He's had the dubious honor of having 4 absolutely distinct series, starting in the 70's as a Peter Parker-esque loser-type do-gooder and later Skrull bashing space crusader, then his 90's New Warriors spin-off where he juggled cross-overs power loss and replacements, then the baseball slinging series of the late 90's where for some reason almost everyone learned of his secret ID and without any good reason, to his most recent Annihilation-inspired series.

For anyone looking for suspected Skrulls, might I add that Richard Rider spent undocumented years in outer space fighting them, only to one day mysterious be sent back to Earth powerless until Night Thrasher "jump-started"
his powers? I'm not saying he's a Skrull (because then the Xandarian Worldmind would be ridiculously stupid) but he had a better chance of Skrullhood than others.

Anyway, he's the seminal New Warrior, appearing in every incarnation but the current X-Warriors line-up, and if Loners and the Initiative
have shown anything it's that there's a soft-spot for 90's teen heroes in the hearts of many (but in Loners' case, the wallets of few.)

We've seen him in action figure form back when Toybiz did the Silver Surfer line, and in the upcoming Marvel Legends wave, and in Minimate form with the upcoming Gamora 2-pack.

The design is a recognizable classic, albeit one that has been modified over the years, from the original, to the Annihilation style, to Kid Nova's browns, to full face-mask/shape-capable, to the vaguely Peter Quill style v-shaped star formation of New Warriors Volume 2.

And as for storylines, he'll play equally well busting heads with Spidey or battling Galactus out in an asteroid belt. He's gone toe-to-toe with Iron Man and decimated the Thunderbolts. The only thing he doesn't have? He's never been an Avenger.

Affiliations? He's a former Fantastic Four ally, at home with Super-Skrull and Silver Surfer, classic New Warrior (probably the most likely to get a figure), was a
Defender for a day back in 1978

Plus if all that's not enough, he does currently star in his own series which has benefited from tie-ins to Civil War, Annihilation and soon, Secret Invasion.

The downside: Well, he's never been A-list, and if you need proof of that, look to his appearance in wave 23 of Minimates and wave 19 (or however you want to calculate it) of Marvel Legends. Yeah, he's been in his own title on and off for years, but all 4 volumes don't even bring you to 80 issues.

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