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Friday, May 30, 2008

Super Hero Squad Character Checklist

A new checklist, this one for individual characters, has been posted here. Right now it includes all 96 characters that have a Super Hero Squad figure. It does differentiate between Ultimate, Movie and 616/Classic/Comic versions of characters, but does not differentiate between variants, costume changes and "civilian look" or "powering up/powered down" characters. Perfect for people who are only collecting the line for certain characters and don't care about 23 Spider-Men in different poses or a complete armory of Iron Man.

There's one hopefully-not-too-controversial decision I made though, and that was listing the Iron Spider-Man armor as Scarlet Spider. I know it's not the Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider, but the armor is currently being used by the Scarlet Spiders over in Avengers: The Initiative, with no distinction that I can see. It looks like the Scarlet Spiders are going to remain as distinct characters, in much the same way Spider-Man's Slingers costumes remain in use years after the few months Spider-Man stayed in them.

So go, download, enjoy.

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