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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Operation Hulk

Operation Hulk has been available for a while now but I never noticed the Super Hero Squad logo on the bottom of the box. Since we've already talked puzzles, the video game, and the cartoon why not mention the first board game as well, right?

It's item number 40524, $19.99 on Hasbro Toy Shop (and also available in stores), and the item description is:

"Fix Hulk up, but don’t set him off! Toxic Gas, Betty Butterflies and other ailments are really getting under Hulk’s green skin. He’s your patient, so grab those tweezers! Earn money by successfully removing funatomy parts. But don’t set off the buzzer, or Hulk’s eyes will glow green and he’ll howl and growl!

When the parts are out and Hulk is healed, the richest doctor wins!

Includes gameboard with Hulk “patient” and tweezers, storage drawer, 24 cards, 12 plastic funatomy parts, play money and instructions.

For 1 or more players.

Requires 4 “AAA” batteries (not included)"

The real question is why Hulk would allow Iron Man and Spider-Man into the operating room after World War Hulk.

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