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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

City in Crisis is now "Spider-Man Saves The Day"?

Marvelous News is reporting here that the new Super Hero Squad Spider-Man set with Green Goblin and Mary Jane is now called "Spider-Man Saves the Day", and as you can see in the up-close photos they've published, if you look at the top of the box, it looks like the box says it too. Of course, Hasbro itself is still calling it the City in Crisis, but oh well.

Comparing the Sandman up-close pictures they have with the Sandman that came in the two-packs, it looks like they've re-done the eyes, going from 2-Pack's round browns with white dots to more oval eyes. The belt buckle on 2-pack was a solid square, and on the new one it's got some stripes. The new Sandman also has belt-loops, and his fist hand looks a little more "muddy."

Looks like the checklist needs to be updated. Oh, and can someone explain to me why many people seem to refer to this Sandman sculpt as "the comic version" and the original sculpt as movie version? Maybe my eyes aren't as attuned as eveyone else's, but the movie Sandman costume was fairly representative of the comic costume, and once Squaded, it looks... well... just like a comic version would look once Squaded. So feel free to explain this riddle to me.

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