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Monday, June 2, 2008

More Shopping Help

First, apparently the Hulk Wave 2 packs are pushed back a little more. People who had ordered the Psylocke/Ghost Rider/Daredevil/Venom wave from Hasbrotoyshop should have received their boxes this week (as I did) and while Hulk Wave 2 had been pushed back to ship at the same time as those figures, it's currently listed on the Hasbro site as arriving 6/13-6/16 with express shipping. On the plus side, those are also the expected dates for express shipping of Carnage and Ares et al so those who purchased through Hasbrotoyshop can still have lots of fun unwrapping box after box after box.

Second, hopefully you resisted the temptation to order the Hulk Brawl That Shook the Earth Cinema Scene through eBay for $60, because now Toys R Us has it on their website for $24.95. Add in shipping and handling and the US total is a little over $30. Search the site for Hulk and then scroll down.

And thirdly, the Super Hero Squad puzzles are up for sale and in stock at Hasbro Toy Shop and with express shipping they will be in your house (theoretically) in two days. And coupon code SPRREQ8 was the last discount code I have found that actually works.

Hope that helps someone out.

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