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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Newsclips 10/01/08

Well 6 months in and still going (although I wish I had more time to do some of the features I'd like), it's been a slow newsweek so here's a few odds and ends.

Impulse Creations has the Batwoman Infinite Hero in stock. Earlier in the week they had Question and Wildcat. It appears that the figures are coming and going in stock, so someone must be buying the figures. Too bad all I've seen on shelves are Wave 1 Zoom, Adam Strange, etc.

The CW is apparently going to give the stories of a young Dick Grayson a chance. How many seasons before our young gymnast meets a bizarrely tanned teen Starfire, or references to millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne start showing up? Is anyone else more interested in how this plays out than on the concept itself?

And Marvel's own storefront has gone live, including calendars, mugs and costumes including this wonderful photo of the Punisher. That's... that's just great. On the downside... Crimson Dynamo Attacks for $16? Okay now.

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