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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No more Mega-sized?

I saw this on the Super Hero Squad Forum and so I checked out's Q&A where a Hasbro rep says Mega-sized figures might be a thing of the past

FIGURES.COM: The Superhero Squad line has proven popular over the years with kids and collectors alike. Will fans be seeing more larger scaled figures in this line similar to the Apocalypse or Galactus?

HASBRO: There are no current plans for mega-scale Squad figures in 2009.

What exactly does that mean in the end? Mega Scale figures haven't been selling? They're struggling for new ideas for characters popular enough to get mega-figures? They realized how silly a mega-sized Wendigo would be? We'll most likely never really know. Speculation on!

Be warned though, visiting the site treats you to nearly 30 flashing ads and then just teases a Superhero Times Q&A featuring... well, the same set of ads and even some text ads. Firefox + Ad Blocking Extension = a much more enjoyable reading experience, especially given the time it takes to render the page with ads.

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