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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Poll Results, New Poll - Villains

Ok, Poll results are in (and have been for a while… yeah, we’re a little backed up here) but in short, with 129 votes cast results for most wanted X-Character Super Hero Squad figure are:

Madrox 32 votes (24%)

Warpath 15 votes (11%)

Dazzler 62 votes (48%)

Cannonball 20 votes (15%)

And Dazzler is THE shock. Almost half of all votes cast despite her recent status as X-Curiosity (mainly because in recent years, the sole reason to give her an appearance has been to subject her to various questions and curiosities. Example: Jean Grey’s Genosha Invasion X-Men where she appears, dodges questions about her ex-pregnancy, her ex-boyfriend Longshot and her ex-rebellion in Mojoworld. Or New Excalibur where she appears, is possibly immortal, and dodges questions about it. Or in Uncanny X-Men where she appears, makes no mention of how she left Excalibur in part to reunite with Longshot who then also appears mysteriously in X-Factor with no mention made of what went on during their reconciliation. ) But she does have classic status, appearing during one of the X-Men’s major glory days, has some mainstream media exposure (granted, it’s all old by now) and is now back in the X-Men proper.

As for the rest, Madrox takes second while former X-Force teammates Warpath and Cannonball take up the bottom half.

And now for the new poll:

We’ve done Solo Books. We’ve done Team Books. We’ve done X-Books. This poll was going to be characters without ANY book, but most easily recognized characters are in one book or another so it would probably end up as a battle of the B-List characters (which is in itself a whole different poll) so we went with villains, and no, not because that’s the name of the new Heroes storyline. They rarely get more than a mini, and with the occasional exception of Weapon X and Thunderbolts, they rarely get any sort of indepth run to explore the characters.

Standard disclaimers for this sort of poll: rounding means results may not equal 100%, characters who’ve been given a “The Case For” don’t get a poll entry, we’re not official so while you’re opinion is important, it doesn’t guarantee results here, and finally the poll is a little buggy in relying on cookies or something to prevent ballot stuffing and as such, it’s not necessarily foolproof.

Mr. Sinister – Perpetual thorn in the X-Men’s side, he may have recently met one of his more final ends during Messiah Complex, but let’s be honest, he’s survived worse than blaster fire (in fact… his earlier appearances spent a lot of time explaining how he’s pretty much invulnerable, had malleable skin, was mostly vulnerable to Cyclops’s eyebeams) so there’s a strong chance he’ll come back to much with Summers DNA. Plus, what good is having the third Summers brother exposed if Sinister isn’t able to have some fun with it.

Thanos – The premier cosmic villain, the man behind the Infinite Gauntlet, the man that’s brought the universe to the brink of destruction time and again, only to have it screwed up one way or another, sometimes due to his own ego. Like all good villains, Thanos may currently be dead, but he’s come back from worse. Or at least just as bad.

Klaw – Master of sound, enemy of the Fantastic Four, Avengers, and Black Panther, frequent member of the Masters of Evil, imagine a grinning Klaw with translucent pink plastic energy crackling from his hand and you ask yourself what villain is more perfect for this line. Recently defeated in battle against the Fantastic Four, he’s probably the only member of this list not currently believed dead.

Doppleganger – The Spider-Man doppelganger from the Infinity War was just one of the many, many evil dopplegangers to plague Earth’s heroes during that War. While the remaining doppelgangers went wherever dead doppleganger’s go, the Demogoblin’s mystic energy kept the Spider-ganger alive. He may, emphasis on may, have died at the end of Maximum Carnage, but as the list of Spider-Villains that haven’t had figures made is getting thinner and thinner, and the Doppleganger remains a solid lower-level (however one measures level) Spider-villain, he’s not that unlikely.

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