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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Marvel Universe Update

From Marvelous News's new Q & A:

MN: How is the 3 3/4" Marvel line coming along? Has there been any kind of updates, changes or additions made since Comic-Con that you can talk about?

Hasbro: The line is coming along great - we're finalizing the 4th wave of single carded figures right now and we're hard at work on the 5th wave for 2009. We're continuing to partner closely with Marvel Publishing to make sure that there is a tight relationship between comic and toy. We're also in the middle of nailing down the full year 2010 lineup, which is always exciting. The fan reaction has been tremendous for this new line and we're looking at all sorts of exciting new possibilities and ideas!

So in sum: at least 5 waves have been worked on for 2009, the lineup is planned through 2010, and they hope the line stays connected with the comics.

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