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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nick Fury on DVD, finally

Long-time Marvel fans know that there's a ton of Marvel movies waiting for DVD release, if for no other reason than for cult appeal and die-hard comic fans who want to know what the hype was. Examples? The Generation X made for TV movie, the Spider-Man live action series, Doctor Strange, Howard the Duck (which did get a region 2 DVD release last year).

This week, however, we can cross Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD off that list. Best Buy is promoting it in its weekly ad along with the other Iron Man related content (boxed sets, Blu Ray, single disk, two-disk releases... come on now!) Maybe with the release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine we can get the Generation X movie released, and then if Silver Surfer ever gets off the ground (pun intended) we can have the 80's Fantastic Four movie. Marvel would do well to realize that the movies are already out there in bootleg copies and imports being sold to hard core collectors for well above the price of a copy of Ghost Rider or Fantastic Four. While the market is small, they're willing to bear a premium cost for these things, and if you sell it at a reasonable rate, you'll probably get a fair number of curiosity seekers too.

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