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Monday, September 29, 2008

Marvel Universe figures

I started reading the comments here and blew them off thinking... huh, just a few months back everyone loved the figures, now these guys are complaining about the look?

But upon going to the actual pictures at Marvelous News the figures don't look nearly as impressive as the initial photos. It looks like the sculpt is intact, but compare the Bullseye uncarded and Bullseye promo shot, or the flaming Human Torch uncarded and promo shots. Some of these figures aren't translating well. Perhaps it's just the angles of the poses but the shoulder joints in some poses look unusual when they join the torso, some of the detail looks washed out. They just look... off.

On the plus side, Marvelous News has this as Wave 1, and they won't hit for a while so we've got time to fix it right?

The line up:

- Black Panther
- Bullseye
- Daredevil
- Human Torch
- Human Torch (variant powered down, or is the variant powered up?)
- Iron Man
- Iron Man (Stealth Armor)
- Punisher
- Silver Surfer
- Spider-Man

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  • I'm not a big fan of over-articulation. I think these guys would have looked much better if they had a few less random joints thrown in here and there. It's one of the major reason's I'm put off by some of the newer Marvel Legends and particularly a lot of the new Spiderman figs. Smaller figures especially seem to suffer from this problem, they look clumsy and delicate and... well... over-jointed, and this line suffers for it I think. There really is something to be said for those great old figures from the late-eighties/early nineties that had no ball-sockets at all, that you were lucky if the knees even bent. It's part of the reason I like SHS so much I think, they seem so much more rugged and fun, though the poseability options are a bit more limited.

    And may I make a comment also on the current poll? I voted for Thanos, but only if he appears wearing the Infinity gauntlet. I think a Doppleganger fig would be a lot of fun too, or if not that, even just a variant six-armed Spiderman (four of them bare and tearing free from the spandex of course). (Suppose they could do an Infinity Gems themed 4-pack that included a Gauntlet toting Thanos, Doppleganger, Adam Warlock, and somebody else like Drax or Silver Surfer?)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At September 30, 2008 at 5:49 PM  

  • Over-articulation was one of the reasons I didn't get into Marvel Legends. I had a large collection of the old 5 inch Toy Biz figures you're talking of, and while I gave up towards the end (the figures would come with bizarre costumes, oversized armor or weapons, squirt features, whatever... new characters were rare both in terms of release and distribution, the best source of new characters were exclusives for certain stores and Toyfare magazine) they're still a fund memory of mine.

    Naturally when Marvel Legends came out I, like a few other collectors of the 5 inch figures, didn't see the point in "starting over", buying characters we already had, and with articulation lines everywhere.

    Now, I'm not as bothered by articulation as I used to be, but I'd rather have a nice sculpt over better articulation.

    And of course you can comment... some day I'll get around to getting a forum or something I suppose.

    I think that if anyone gets a gauntlet, it should be Thanos. Seeing the recent Marvel Legends Adam Warlock just seemed wrong to me. As a fan of all things classic Marvel, I'd love nothing more than some Infinite Goodness. Warlock, the Magus, Nebula, Eric Masterson Thor, Thanos... endless possibilities. And I can't be the only person wondering how cute Hasbro could make Death.

    By Blogger Clever Name, At October 1, 2008 at 6:17 PM  

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