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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Squad Shopping for the week of July 6th

There's a couple sales going on that will hopefully help someone out with their Super Hero Squad shopping.

First, Toys R Us has some sales going on like:

Spider-Man SHS: Spider-Man/Venom, Spider-Man Sandman - $3.48
Sandpit Standoff - $8.98
Marvel SHS: Galactus/Torch, Sentinel/Wolverine - $6.98
Avengers and X-Men TRU Exclusive 5 packs - $9.08

They also have various 2-packs from the last two waves and the first Hulk wave for $6.39. It's a great way to get Psylocke, Spider-Woman or Cable if you haven't already.

Hasbro Toy Shop has some old Wave 1 and 2 figures up for sale, along with some newer figures. Currently on sale you'll find:
Angel/Colossus, Cyclops/Magneto, Wolverine/Sabretooth, Pyro/Iceman, Thor/Loki - $3.99
Collector's Pack - $15.99

And if you're shopping Hasbro Toy Shop, the SPRREQ8 code should still get you 10% off. Pyro/Iceman and Thor/Loki are both great sets that I don't think have been on sale yet, so now's your chance.

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