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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

If you like Super Hero Squad... (things I forgot to mention)

In the first If You Like Super Hero Squad I forgot to mention two very important miniature Marvels: the Mega Bloks and Lego sets.

Now, Mega Brands construction toys are currently the only official licensed Marvel brand construction toys. Which means Lego purists beware. They have produced a Duplo-like series based on the Super Hero Squad predecessor "Spider-Man & Friends" featuring a chunky Spider-Man and friends like Thor and Hulk with "Super Hero Training Camp" and the like. They have also put out, and continue to put out, sets that appeal to both a more traditional (re: Lego oriented) audience consisting of mini-figures (generally Spider-Man and his foes, but Hulk, Wolverine and the Fantastic Four have also been represented) and playsets/vehicles for the minifigures, as well as the Bionicle style "Super-Tech" figures.

Unfortunately, these sets lack that "pure Lego" marketability that their predecessor the Lego Spider-Man sets had. Unfortunately, the few sets that were made in this short-lived line were movie-centric, so other than Spider-Man, Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus and Mary Jane, most other mini-figures were generic cops, thugs and civilians. Actually, I think J. Jonah Jameson had a figure too. It's a world without Avengers, without Fantastic Four, without X-Men. The recent Lego Batman sets have fixed part of that problem by delving into Batman's diverse roster (Nightwing, Penguin, Bane, Mr. Freeze, Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Robin all have figures, as do many other Batman villains) but has yet to tackle the gold-mine that is full DC Universe build-ability that fans have waited for since way back when DC showed off all the Justice League-themed C3 sets years ago.

For those that love the concept of Marvel Legos and are willing to look past the "official" aspect of things, Brickshelf has a huge gallery of Marvel characters from the farthest reaches of the universe, including Guardians of the Galaxy member Aleta (ok, member of ONE of the Guardians of the Galaxy teams), to Mr. Immortal, the White Rabbit, and even the great Ruby Thursday.

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