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Monday, June 30, 2008

Minimates are dead, long live the Squad?

In a bout of irony straight from O Henry, while SHS fans are out on the trading boards claiming that the line is doomed (despite the impending video game, cartoon series and merchandizing efforts) and not selling well, of products being pulled, Minimate Headquarters is running a bit of a rumor rundown regarding DC Minimates and the possibility of a DC Super Hero Squad type line.

Essentially, at a convention, a guy said he heard from someone official that DCD was pulling the minimates and focusing on a Super Hero Squad type line, and we've already talked about how they could be successful at it, and so now various fans of the minimates are bemoaning the lack of completed teams, assuming that SHS style toys compete with Fisher Price, that the toys are both extremely popular and if they succeed it's because of the "numbers and buying power of tasteless morons". Of course, there's also more than a few posts threatening boycotts, people saying the line didn't sell, that the line sold great, and of course, that the squad "sucks". Oh well, there's no accounting for some people's taste right?

So the next time you're reading a message board and you start reading doom and gloom posts about the Super Hero Squad, go give those threads a read, or go to Marvelous News and read one of the Marvel Legends cancellation threads.

On the plus side, that's one more rumor for the DC Squad line.

But it's still a rumor.

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