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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hulk Wave 2 shipping via Previews

And to further follow up on the Hulk Wave 2 (aka, the She-Hulk wave) delay last mentioned here Chuck Moore on the Comic Related forum has posted the June 25 expected Previews shipment showing "MAY084666 HULK SUPER HERO SQUAD AF 200802 $95.88" as being shipped. Which in layman's terms if Hulk SHS Wave 2. The $95.88 price per case is based on the $7.99 per 2-pack suggested sale price Previews lists, which as many people know is more than Wal-Mart and Target, but as we posted yesterday, less than many eBay scalpers are unloading this wave for.

And of course, as is mentioned in the post at Comic Related, such things are subject to change, so contact your local retailer before heading out. I've heard many complaints that comic retailers just don't stock the figures and while it likely has something to do with the cheapness of the figures at retail and on Hasbro Toy Shop, some retailers will pre-order product for you at a discount so it never hurts to ask.

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