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Friday, June 20, 2008

No SHS in Marvel's September Solicitations

Way back when we reported on MSN's report on the Super Hero Squad video game. We had some questions about the reporting, notably when it said "Marvel Comics is now featuring Marvel Super Hero Squad comic strips within several of its all ages books and will be introducing a dedicated Marvel Super Hero Squad comic book series in fall 2008."

The problem? Marvel doesn't feature Super Hero Squad comic strips anywhere, but does reprint some Mini-Marvels strips in the Marvel Adventures line, and nobody else referred to a dedicated comic book. The closest anyone came to was Hollywood Reporter's claim that there's an upcoming "book series" for the fall (Hollywood Reporter just says "the fall" while MSN said "Fall 2008").

Because of that report, we've been eagerly awaiting Marvel's Solicitations for any of the fall months. The bad news? September has come and gone without any sign of the Squad.

But of course we'll keep looking.

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