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Sunday, June 15, 2008

BLK Poll Results

So when going through the Walmart Super Hero Squad SKUs, we did a brief rundown of the potential candidates for "BLK", the mystery figure apparently coming with another potential Captain America. While some people are proudly announcing that Black Widow is coming it's definitely worth noting that not only is Black Widow "unconfirmed" there's absolutely nothing whatsoever saying she's coming. There's good reason to suspect it, but arguments can be made for a bunch of other characters too. Heck. We might even get another Black Spider-Man.

Anyway, so the goal of the poll was who do YOU think BLK is.

Black Widow 21 (55%)
Black Knight 13 (34%)
Blackheart 0 (0%)
Black Crow 1 (2%)
Black Panther 2 (5%)
Other 1 (2%)

Total Votes: 38

Now, the poll isn't foolproof... it's totally informal, and I later discovered that it's pretty easy to log multiple votes on these polls, so take the numbers with a grain of salt.

Back to waiting for some hard proof!

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