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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Black Cat, Puma, Mysterio up for sale at Hasbro Toy Shop

So it looks like when we reported that Black Cat et al were being added to Hasbro's site we were on to something. Currently a search on Hasbro Toy Shop for Super Hero Squad will bring up the Black Cat, Puma and Mysterio two-packs from the late and (sometimes) beloved Spider-Man line. I believe the SPRREQ8 coupon code is still valid at Hasbro, giving fans a 10% discount.

You can also see the figures in the "recently added" part of Hasbro's website here.

Whether this is a sign that Hasbro has pulled some stock from stores that still had the product on the shelves (freeing up space for new stuff), or that they found some stashes of the product in their warehouse, or even if (and this is PURE speculation) they're going to re-release more of the late Spider-Man product, who knows. What is known, is that people who paid $12.99 and $4.75 shipping for the Black Cat pack definitely overpaid, as did the person who paid $6.59 plus $2.95 shipping for just the Black Cat.

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