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Monday, June 9, 2008

Is Wave 10 Cancelled?

And the second rumor for today: that the Sentry/Red Skull/Electro wave is canceled.

Entertainment Earth has listed the set of figures from the Sentry/Red Skull wave (known as Wave 10 on Wikipedia and here, Wave 9 elsewhere) as canceled. Lending a little more credence to the rumor is the fact that still has the figures as “coming soon” but not listed as pre-orders.

The truth? Nobody officially knows what the hold-up is. It’s just as likely that when an “official” date couldn’t be met (and certainly not the “June” release date some online sites have reported) Entertainment Earth decided to pull pre-orders for the “set” rather than having to explain to people why the order date was being pushed back. It’s also possible that Hasbro decided that releasing so many Super Hero Squad sets back to back, like the Deadpool wave in April, the Psylocke wave and the first Hulk wave in May, and the Ares wave and Hulk Wave 2 in June, was a little much for the average collector and decided to slow down the releases. Who knows. But as of yet, that figures from that wave are still officially up as “coming soon.”

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