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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

SHS Hulk Wave 2 Orders Cancelled?

Well Hasbro is filled with mystery. Since yesterday, the website for Hasbro Toy Shop has been showing this message saying they're down for an upgrade. Now today, some people have received a message saying "Unfortunately, the product(s) you ordered are no longer available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We have canceled your outstanding order with Confirmation information is below" for the following products:

Item number: 78421
Item name: Marvel Super Hero Squad – Hulk and Absorbing Man
Quantity: 1

Item number: 78420
Item name: Marvel Super Hero Squad – King Hulk and Black Bolt
Quantity: 1

Item number: 78423
Item name: Marvel Super Hero Squad – The Thing and She-Hulk
Quantity: 1

Item number: 78422
Item name: Marvel Super Hero Squad – Wolverine and Grey Hulk
Quantity: 1"

We've previously reported on the date of these figures being pushed back here, and here, but we have also previously mentioned how the sets were quickly placed online and were originally scheduled for delivery as early as May 13 way back when.

Edit: Ok, so some users at the Super Hero Squad forum reported receiving their orders, and most importantly, they're back up at Hasbro Toy Shop which is done with it's maintenance. Apparently those with canceled orders just need to re-submit their order.

Coupon Code SPRREQ8 should still work.

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