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Friday, June 20, 2008

New Poll: Who do you want next?

You may notice a new poll has been posted. It's the typical "who do you want next?" style poll, and depending on interest, it may be the first in a series where we take the winners of the request polls and then poll them out.

Anyway, the first four candidates are, in no particular order:

Hercules - Olympian powerhouse, fugitive from mortal law, caretaker of Amadeus Cho the smartest boy on Earth.

Captain Britain - Brilliant scientist, temporal explorer, otherworldly champion, and all around swell guy.

Iron Fist - The latest in a long line of K'un L'un's champions, this New Avenger was a temporary stand-in for Daredevil during Civil War.

Moon Knight - Khonshu's fist doesn't have many super hero friends despite being a registered super hero, former West Coast Avenger and member of the unofficial Marvel Knights team, but would still look nice in your collection.

In choosing these candidates, we chose people that had not been covered already in the "The Case For..." section and that starred in their own current ongoing series. Characters in team books were left out of this poll as were characters who already have figures (I'm looking at you Spider-Man!)

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