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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ever wonder what the Marvel/Hasbro contract contains?

Well you can find out for only $35 at Tech Agreements.

Or you can look through the sample part of the agreement posted. 35 million dollars of that juicy Hasbro money gets paid to Marvel on a "qualifying" release of a 4th Spider-Man movie?

This part seems to be the bit about Super Hero Squad: "Marvel Super Hero Kids Pre-School Figures , including related accessories and vehicles and related 3D pre-school play-sets designed and built to scale."

But my favorite part of the agreement:

"5) Non-Costume/Non-Dress Up Action and Role-Play Weapons and Accessories : child-sized pretend-play wearable accessories, which embody and/or emulate key powers and/or re-produce key accessories of Marvel Super Heroes.

a. Note : By way of example, this Licensed Category would include Spider-Man Web Blasters, Hulk Hands and Thing Feet (embodiment of powers). Other examples could include, for instance, a Thor hammer or Captain America shield (re-produce key accessories).

b. Note : All Non-Costume/Non-Dress Up Action and Role-Play Articles must be composed of not less than seventy percent (70%) plastic.

c. Note : For the avoidance of doubt, this Licensed Category does not cover all weapons (e.g. laser tag, water guns), non-action Role Play and/or outdoor toys in general"

Expiration on December 31, 2011.

A minimum royalty guaranty of $205,000,000 (or two hundred and five million dollars.)

Most contract drafting is an exercise in recycling clauses, so it's not unusual for companies to release or sell agreements they have drafted for inclusion in legal form databases such as those hosted by Lexis Nexis and other compilations, and many different documents must be properly filed with certain groups or organizations or otherwise released to satisfy public trading requirements, but there is relatively little redaction in this document (at least in the sample they show.)

So if you've got some time, go check it out and have a fun read!

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