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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Case For... Hepzibah

Hopefully everyone had a great long weekend (for those in the United States that is) but we're back with the fourth installment of our Case For... series. This time, we look to the X-Men for inspiration.

While at first glance Hepzibah may appear to be little more than a fanboy request (with 30 years of Hepzibah history, the majority of her appearances have been little more than incidental to her membership in the Starjammers) Hepzibah has been hanging around the X-Men since the Rise and Fall of the Shi'Ar Empire that started in Uncanny X-Men 475.

Since coming to Earth her status has picked up. She struck up a romance with Warpath, assisted Wolverine's X-Force squad during Messiah Complex and despite being sidelined briefly with an injury, she was recently seen rejoining the X-Men in San Francisco [side note: hopefully Marvel editorial will some day see fit to explain what happened. We saw Messiah Complex with the controversial "No More X-Men" proclamation, then a couple one shots where random members of the X-Family sat around whining about not being X-Men, then simultaneously we see Cyclops sending Wolverine out to kill Mystique, Cyclops sending Wolverine and X-Force out to kill the Purifiers, a guy who appears to be Cyclops sending the Young X-Men out to kill the New Mutants, Angel becoming Archangel in a story that theoretically takes place after Angel is in San Francisco, nobody cares about Xavier, there are missing X-Men and more danglers than a 1990's X-Men issue]

Hepzibah has a surprisingly tangled history with many Marvel characters. Around Avengers 350 she attempted to assassinate Black Knight, she's been a long-time teammate of Ms. Marvel (who was going by Binary at the time), participated in the Avengers epic Galactic Storm, has met Excalibur, the New Mutants and Hulk's Pantheon and been a long-term mate of Cyclop's father Corsair.

With many of the X-books still in a state of disarray awaiting X-Men: Manifest Destiny, her status is undetermined, but for the foreseeable future it looks like she'll remain with the X-Men.

The downside is that, like we said earlier... she's always been a bit player. Even her fellow Starjammers Corsair, Chod and Raza have had action figures in the past (granted, they were the result of X-Men The Animated Series's Phoenix Saga), and as perpetual fans of the Jim Lee era Jubilee, or of Marrow or Polaris can atest, mere X-Men status isn't always enough to get a figure made.

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