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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gamma Lab Adventure news

In a Hasbro Q&A with Super Hero Times, Hasbro, when asked about more Super Hero Squad playsets had the following to say:

"SUPERHEROTIMES: The Superhero Squad line has always been a great performer at retail. Can we expect to see some more playsets for this line like the one we received for the Spider-Man line?

HASBRO: There is a Hulk and Spidey themed Gamma Lab Adventure on the way for Fall of 2008. We can't discuss our plans beyond 2008 just yet... but we can say that Squad will be even bigger in 2009! If you haven't heard, there is a brand new animated series on the way next year!"

So I guess the portents of doom some message board people saw when the Gamma Lab didn't make an imaginary deadline turned out to be indigestion.

I just wish someone could point us to actual sales information. All we've ever seen for sales figures come from:

1) people who think Marvel Legends is hurt by SHS and that Hasbro only cares about focusing on the better selling Super Hero Squad

2) Minimates fans who feel Marvel (and apparently DC too) are going to abandon the line for the cash that is Super Hero Squad

3) Super Hero Squad fans who feel that every set is a peg-warmer, that sales were bad and thus the line is dead.

So the challenge to anyone that cares to take it up is this: Find some sales data! The more reliable the data the better (ie, message board posts by anonymous fans saying that they heard from a manager at this Walmart somewhere would be low in reliability while clips from shareholder reports or distributors reports would be more reliable.)

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