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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Potential re-releases in 2009?

Apparently Hasbro's doing the Q&A rounds this week as Action Figure Insider has a Q&A that actually talks about Super Hero Squad.

"Q2. Several of the Superhero Squad 2 packs released last year were extremely difficult to locate…especially Rogue/Gambit, Spidey/Kraven and Spidey/Vulture. Are there any plans to re-release any/all of these guys in an upcoming wave/set?

A2) We do have some plans to source some (but not all) of these again in 2009."

Now, we understand that Spidey/Kraven was never released, so that would be a welcome addition, but it's too early to figure what sourcing "some of these" means. Straight out re-releases? Repaints? Resculpts?

And there is, of course, the old rumor we mentioned way back when where a guy on the Marvelous News forums said at NYCC another guy told him "Some of the figures, like Kraven, may be worked back into future waves of the main line". And like any good rumor, it was quickly stripped of sources, spread all over, and remixed.

So there you go, there's still hope for the hard-to-find sets, and for the ever elusive Kraven.

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